What is the haulocaust?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The mass extermination of 13 million people including 6 million Jews in Europe during World War 2 in concentration camps.

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Q: What is the haulocaust?
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What was the largest ghetto during the haulocaust?

Warsaw, it was the largest Jewish ghetto of all.

What are some places associated with Judaism?

Well, there are many places all over the world that are associated with Judaism. But I'm not sure what exactly you mean? Like places having to do with the haulocaust? Because that is Poland, Germany, Austria, etc. And of course there is Israel and Jerusalem.

Why will World War 2 be remembered?

Adolf Hitler put Jews in camps known as the Haulocaust and killed them. Over two thirds of the world were fighting and death levels were high. In a positive side war brought about new inventions which still today have an effect i.e. radar and the rocket

What caused the haulocaust?

Not an easy question to answer, as people are not agreed on when it started, it is subjective as to who started it.What is important to know is that the ideas behind the Holocaust and the ultimate responsibility lies with Hitler.

What are the tourist attractions for Lithuania?

To name a few, the Curonian Spit (located in country's west near it's main port Klaipeda), and Traku Castle (close to capital city Vilnius). During summer multiple rural attractions are also available, most popular of them being river roving and forest hiking/biking (pick some mushrooms & berries!).

Did Hitler even think about the children?

No, he did not in fact he expirimented on them by sewing 2 of them together,disecting them and preforming surgery without anesteisia or morphine and he had fun with it RESPECT LIFE he was a terrible man.He killed 6 milloon Jews. Remember the Haulocaust.

Where did the Franks hide?

In what Anne called their "Secret Annexe" which was a hidden stair case behind a bookshelf in Mr. Frank's (first name, Otto) old workplace. They lived there for several years, but were captured and taken to a HQ in Amsterdam. Anne was vorn in Frankfurt, Germanyand died before she even got to turn 16 yearsold.. 2or3 days after her Sister's death... the only way for us to truly know what it was like for her right then (as a young, Jewish girl in the middle of the Haulocaust) is preserved in her diary. HOPE THIS HELPED :) LOTS OF INFO!! :)

How many christians are killed for their faith each day?

I don't get it. Christians haven't killed any Christians. There is the Klu Klux Klan (which I HATE even though I am a Christian.) that is an evil Christian group that muders those who do not believe. I do not think it exists anymore though. There are always evil groups in every religon. Those who force people to believe what they believe. This is wrong. I hate to disagree, but in the interest of historical accuracy, I must. The truth is that Christians have killed many many of their fellows throughout the ages. This phenomena started on a large scale shortly after Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire and various Christian teachings were labelled as heretical. One notable group that was hunted by state sponsored Christianity but still exists today is the Coptic Church which is centered in Egypt. Unfortunately, this basic pattern continued, sometimes over religious disagreements (Protestants vs. Catholics in the reformation), others over purely political reasons (the American Civil War), and so on into the present day (a good recent example off the top of my head is Catholics and Protestants fighting and killing each other in Northern Ireland, although this has thankfully cooled down very recently). Some might argue that all/any of these groups are truly Christian, but short of redefining the term, I think we're stuck with the fact that Christians have killed at least hundreds of thousands of each other through history, which is quite remarkable for a religion that clearly teaches that we, "consider others better than ourselves." (Phil. 2:3) For the record, I am a Christian and quite ashamed of these parts of the churches history.