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A "click" is US Military slang for a kilometer.

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One kilometer.

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Q: What is the length of a click in infantry?
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How far is an artillery click?

A "click" is the same for artillery as it is for infantry. In actuality it is a "Klick" in reference to a Kilometer or 1,000 meters

How do you load units into bull frogs in Red Alert 3?

Select up to five infantry units, and then right-click on the bullfrog transport, ensuring the transport is either on land, or the infantry are amphibious.To release the units, simply select the transport again, and then click it's special ability button (default hotkey: F), and left-click on an area of ground that's in range of the bullfrog.

How long is marine corps infantry school?

The length of United States Marine Corps School of Infantry depends on the specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that a Marine is training for. As there are many different MOS's, there are many different lengths.

How long is a tour in the army infantry?

The length of your tour isn't really determined by your MOS, but by your unit and the mission. For a regular line infantry company, a tour might be six months, or, in the case of those of us who were in the initial push into Iraq, close to two years. Army Rangers tend to do shorter tours than line infantry units do.

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there is no antonym of infantry

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The word infantry does not have an antonym.

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All of our infantry died today.

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the infantry

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The infantry are the soldiers of an army which travel and fight on foot.

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