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The story is set during the Second world war and deals with a group of children living in the North East of England in a town called Garmouth regularly suffering from bomb attacks by the German forces. One of the children raids a German aircraft that crashed in the area and takes a fully operational machine gun, intending to set up their own fortress. They fire the gun at a German plane, missing it but forcing it to crash-land; the gang befriend the pilot, not knowing that they had caused him to crash. I hope that is what you were talking about.

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Q: What is the machine gunners about?
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In the machine gunners book what does Mr.McGill work as?

Mr. McGill works as a trawler man in "The Machine Gunners" book by Robert Westall.

Who is the author of book The Machine Gunners?

Robert Westall

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What happens at the end of the machine gunners?

At the end of "The Machine Gunners," it is revealed that Chas, the protagonist, and his friends successfully reclaim the machine gun from the crashed German plane. They manage to salvage it and hide it in their secret den. The story concludes with the boys feeling a mix of victory and sadness as they reflect on the impact of war on their lives.

Who wrote the machine gunners?

If you mean The Machine Gunners set in 1940's Great Britain then it was Robert Westall. Chas McGill discovers the tail end of a German bomber with it's rear mounted machine gun still intact. I wouldn't classify that as sci fi though so it may not be what you were looking for.

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