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Q: What is the name for the union of several provinces or states?
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What are the provinces of US?

The acronym US stands for United States; this is a federation composed of 50 states, not provinces. The US (unlike Canada) does not have provinces.

Does Africa have any states?

Africa is a continent - it has several COUNTRIES, each of which may or may not have any states, such as the country of South Africa, which has nine provinces, which are just like states with another name.

What name do they use to describe different states of Canada?

They use provinces to describe different states of Canada.

Why did Lenin name Russia the USSR?

The choosing to name Imperial Russia's successor the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was based on the initial signatories of its founding. The provinces/states of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia were the first signers, and thus the founding Republics.

What are the provinces in region 1?

Region 1 in the Philippines consists of four provinces: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, and Pangasinan. These provinces are located in the northwestern part of Luzon Island.

Canada has a special name of its states. what are they called?

they are called provinces, but there are also three territiories.

Name a state in canada?

Canada doesn't have states; it has provinces. Some of the provinces include Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Manitoba among others.

Name any two state which have been created recently?

Two states, which are often called "1" and "0". Several new states and union territories have been created out of existing states since 1956.

What are name of states in France?

There are no states in France. The subdivision is only an administrative one, into region (formerly provinces) which have no laws of their own.

What is the name of government?

United States union

What was the name of the states that seceded from the union called?

Confederate States of America

What name was given to the attempt in 1860 to get southern states to stay in the Union?

The Crittenden Compromise was the name given to the attempt in 1860 to get Southern states to stay in the Union.