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Operation Sealion.

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Operation Sealion

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The plan was called: Operation Sealion.


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Q: What is the name of the German battle plan to invade Britain?
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What was the name for the campaign against German U-boats in World War 2?

Britain's name for it was the battle of the Atlantic. Since it was Britain that needed the supplies (America just supplied the supplies).

Which city was bombed by ther Germans in the battle of Britain?

None.The Battle of Britain was an air battle fought in the skies over southern England. It was an attempt by the German Luftwaffe to destroy Britain's air defences prior to the planned invasion of Britain. The attempt failed and the planned invasion (code-name Operation Sealion) was then cancelled.

What Operation was Sea Lion?

Operation Sea Lion was the planned seaborne invasion of Britain by Germany after successfully subduing the French. This planned invasion of Britain never came to fruition, however, as British airpower was failed to be subdued from the Battle of Britain.

What was the name of hitlars plan to invade Britain?

Operation Seelowe (Sea Lion)

What was the code name for the German invasion of Britain?

Operation Sealion (German: Unternehmen Seelöwe). Because the Germans were defeated in the Battle of Britain, they scrapped the mission; as it required air superiority over the English Channel. It was indefinitely postponed on September 17th, 1940.

What is the name given to the German mercenaries who fought of Britain?

The German mercenaries that fought for Britain in the Revolutionary War were called Hessians deriving their name from the German state they were from, The Duchy of Hesse.

What was the name of the battle fought in Britain?

There have been many battles fought in Britain you may mean the Battle of Britain if you are refering to WW2.

What was the name of the air battle for the control of the English skies?

The battle of Britain.

What was one of the name's that was involved in the battle of Britain?


What happen at the battle of Britain?

The battle of Britain is a name given to the aerial battle in the skies of Britain (mainly south east England), which took place from 10th July to 31st August 1940, between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe. The name came about after a speech given by the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who after the fall of France said: "The Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin." During the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe, commanded by Herman Göring, attempted to gain air supremacy over Britain as a precursor to a German invasion of Britain (Operation Sea Lion). Initially German air raids on RAF airfields were successful at wearing down RAF Fighter Command, with planes and pilots being pushed to their limits to repel the Luftwaffe. However a change of targets from 7th August onwards, away from the beleaguered airfields to towns and cities, especially London (the Blitz), gave the RAF the time to recover and gain the upper hand and defeat the Luftwaffe. Ultimately, the Luftwaffe's losses at the Battle of Britain weakened the Luftwaffe to such a degree that it would never recover. The Battle of Britain was Hitler's first defeat and led to Hitler's invasion plans of Britain being abandoned. See links for more information.

What was the name of the westerners who urged congress to declare war on great Britain and to invade Canada?

war hawk

What is the name of a spirited British prime minister who defied Hitler attempts to invade Britain?

Winston Churchill.