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barb wire

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Q: What is the name of the wire that the germans used in the concentration camps?
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Who was gassed in World War 2?

The Jewish public where gassed in the concentration camps and on battlefields sometimes the Germans used gas to confuse the allies which is also a strategy used often today as well. Also so bombs which where dropped on oppositions where gas bombs as well.

What were the tools of terror used by Hitler?

SS, Stormtropper, Informers, Gestapo etc

What is the difference between a Concentration camp and an Extermation camp?

A Concentration camp was used to torture or force their prisoners to work. An extermination camp was where they were all systematically murdered in mass quantities, and in horrific ways. (An extermination camp was also known as a death camp.) I hope this helps you.

How many camps were built during world war 2?

There were thousands of camps all over Germany a long time before they started building the true death camps. If you tap in concentration camps into any web search engine, it will show you a map of the camps. They were not all death camps, but were camps for Germans who were not Nazi's, and were used for, what they called 're-training'. IF you were released, and still able to think or even walk, you made sure you followed the rules and joined the 'Nazi Party' and kept your thoughts, to yourself in future.

What were the different types of camps in World War 2?

== == The following are the types of camps that were used in the Holocaust: * "Concentration camps" is the generic term for the prison camps maintained by the Third Reich. * "Labor camps" were those that were maintained for the purpose of exploiting slave labor. * "Extermination camps" were six camps located in Poland where the mass murder of Jews and others took place. Many of the concentration camps were complexes of several camps and some had dual functions. At the Auschwitz complex, for example, most of the genocide took place in a subcamp called Birkenau. There was also a labor camp named Monowitz that was part of the complex where an artificial rubber plant was built. Likewise, Treblinka, another extermination camp, was part of a complex of three camps, two of which were used for slave labor.

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Why did the Germans kept concentration camps a secret?

They didn't, they were used as a deterrent.

What were the majority of the concentration camps used for of known as?

for the Germans to kill the Jewish

What did the Germans first call the concentration camps?

The term concentration camp (Konzentrationslager) was used already in March 1933.

What were concentrtion camps?

Concentration camps were the places that the Germans used in the Holocaust to exterminate the Jewish. They were rooms filled with gas showers.

Who set up concentration camps in World War 2?

I think it was mainly the Germans who used the concentration camps to kill jewish people and to keep people hostage.

What were suana's used for in concentration camps?

There were no saunas in concentration camps.

Did Nazis use concentration camps to enlarge the German nation?

no, it was used to get rid of the Jews and other who got in the Germans way

What camps were used by the Nazis?

Concentration camps.

Why did Germans use Jews as servants?

Germans were not allowed to use Jews as servants, however many were used as slaves: In a massive level, inmates of concentration camps were used as slave labour for construction projects and on a smaller level individuals were taken from the camps to be used as domestic slaves for the SS.

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

Name two of the concentration camps used in the Holocaust?

Please see the related question.

What is the solutions to concentration camps?

It depends on what you mean by what was the solution to the camps, if you mean to the American then all they did was liberate them. If you mean to the Germans then the solution "The answer to the Jewish question" as it was called was to build Death Camps. These were where the Germans killed the women and children in gas chambers, and starved them. Another way was to starve them. when they were dead the Germans would burn them in what they called crematorium which were huge ovens used to burn them in mass numbers.