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Gas masks are sometimes called "APR" - Air Purifying Respirator.

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Q: What is the nickname of a gas mask?
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When was Gas mask created?

Gas mask was created in 1914.

What does a gas mask tattoo mean?

A person wearing a gas mask.

What does a gas mask hose do?

I think it stopped gas getting in the mask...

What was a gas mask?

A gas mask is used to filter out toxic agents in the air.

What Gas mask does the modern German army Use?

M65 Gas Mask.

What is a gas mask made out of?

The main part of the gas mask is made out of rubber.

What is a Arabian gas mask?

its a mask made for ariabians

What is Sid Wilsons Black gas mask called?

It's just called a gas mask.

What is the current Russian Military gas mask?

They use the military varient of the Gp7 gas mask.

Do gas mask filters go bad after unscrewing the lid?

No they don't, Gas Mask filters are designed not to go bad despite if the lid is unscrewed off, unscrewing the lid of a gas mask filter doesn't have any effect on the gas mask or it's filters.

What was the original problem the gas mask was designed to address?

What was the original problem the gas mask was designed to address

How invented the gas mask?

Edward Frank Harrison, in 1915, is generally credited with inventing the gas mask.