What is the nose war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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your nose and tiny little people will come out and try to rule the world with their future eapons and robots. They will also build a time machine that will bring back Indians from the french and Indian war to fight the Germans in world war three. A man named Taylor Downs will build a machine to bring back Burl Tonga and Dominik Estrada from the dead to fulfill the prophcy spoken by the mighty god Zeus, King of Mt. OLympus. Burl will build a device enabling invicability on all who ware it.

Those three will lead the rebel forces agaist the dictater ship of the 435th president who is so corrupted and evil that he will eradicate any who thought independitly. He will be protected by the the mini people who came out of the Presidents nose right after he picked it. Estrada will me the Mastermind of the attack, Downs the General,

And Tonga will be the powerhouse.

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Q: What is the nose war?
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