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Benefits come FROM the VA (Veterans Administration). You must communicate with them.

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February 1961

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Q: What is the official beginning date of the Vietnam war for veterans benefits?
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What is the name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

The Vietnam Womens Memorial is one of the three parts that make up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; it is a statue consisting of two nurses (most women in the Vietnam War were nurses, making these nurses a symbol) and an injured man in one of the nurse's arms.

What is the official date for recognizing Vietnam veterans?

Veteran's Day, November 11, honors all veterans of all wars.

What is the Vietnam wall?

The official name of the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. is the "Vietnam Veterans Memorial." It is also referred to as "the Wall." The figures of the servicemen by the Wall are called "The Three Servicemen." The memorial is different than most war memorials. It is not a memorial to the war but is a memorial to all who served in Vietnam, both dead and those still living.

How has the US helped Vietnam soldiers?

US Vietnam Veterans, as well as all US veterans have access to VA medical facilities, counselling, and receive educational benefits for trade schools and colleges, home loans.

When did the Vietnam veterans get their rights?

What are you talking about? Vietnam veterans always had rights.

What is the theme of the armed forces day in 2005?

Vietnam veterans

When was Vietnam Veterans of America created?

Vietnam Veterans of America was created in 1978.

What is the number of Vietnam Veterans in State of Virginia?

how many vietnam veterans in nc

How were the Vietnam veterans honored?

They built their own Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

After what war was veterans day made an official holiday?


Is there info on Vietnam veterans?

VFW-Veterans of Foreign Wars, founded by Spanish-American War of 1898 veterans in 1899. American Legion-founded by WWI veterans in 1919. AMVETS-American Veterans, founded by WWII veterans in 1944. VVA-Vietnam Veterans of America, founded by Vietnam War veterans in 1978.

What happened on the third of October 1987 for Vietnam veterans?

march to welcome home Vietnam veterans