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According to SmartServe Ontario, it's the payment of damages, criminal charges and convictions, and fines issued by the Board of Trade.

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Q: What is the potential outcome of civil liability in serving alcohol?
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What is the definition of liquor law liability?

Liquor law liability refers to the legal responsibility that establishments selling or serving alcohol bear for actions committed by individuals who become intoxicated on their premises. This liability can arise if the individual causes harm to others, such as through drunk driving accidents or violent behavior, after being served alcohol at the establishment. Establishments can be held liable for damages if they continue to serve alcohol to patrons who are visibly intoxicated.

Is it illegal to allow serving additional alcoholic drinks to drunken guest?

It is not against the law unless you are serving a minor. What a host should be concerned about is the potential liability. In some states, over-serving an already intoxicated guest is considered reckless behavior. You need to check the laws and regulations in your state for an answer to that. Liability issues concern the guest's behavior if he leaves your home in a drunken state. If he causes an accident and hurts himself or others or damages property, you have some responsibility for that. Again, in varies by state. Regardless of the law, it is common sense and social responsibility to control alcohol consumption in your home for everyone's sake and safety.

What time can you start serving alcohol on sunday's in NY state?

You can start serving at Noon.

What is a social host's criminal liability for serving alcohol to a 20 year old guest and then allowing them to drive away?

There definitely is a criminal liablility attached to these offenses, but it differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending on the wording of the applicable statutes of the particular state.

In Arizona How old do you have to be to waitress not serving alcohol?


When do you stop serving alcohol in Missouri?


What is an unlicensed house serving alcohol called in Ireland?

A sheebeen.

How many ounces is serving of hard alcohol?

1.5 ounces

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What has the highest concentration of alcohol per serving Lager beer Flavored vodka with cranberry juice Tequila Japanese Sake?

It all depends on which has a higher alcohol prof. The proof tells you how much alcohol per serving youre actually consuming. The higher the proof the higher the concentration of alcohol.

Who do you report to that a 16year old is serving alcohol in a pub?

Your local police.

What is a barboy?

A barboy is a young man who works in a bar serving alcohol.