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Today, businesses and non-profits of all types are turning to National Cost Containment as an alternative to closing locations and laying off personnel. And why not... our services are provided strictly on a risk-free, contingency basis, so it's a good idea to use our services as a "second set of eyes" for reviewing your costs.

In many categories, we've secured group purchasing contracts that allow our clients to buy at prices usually reserved for only the largest of companies. And what happens in the unlikely event that we cannot help you lower your costs? No savings, no fee -guaranteed.

Pay for Performance... and Nothing Else

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Q: What is the purpose of cost containment?
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What is a thing called cost containment?

Cost containment is a matter pertaining to the government and their relation to a hospital patient. Cost containment are actions that are being taken to try to reduce the prices of medical care.

When was Healthcare Cost Containment United Association created?

Healthcare Cost Containment United Association was created in 1985.

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National Cost Containment Process

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What is cost containment?

Containment VS Reduction National Cost already offers their clients the ability to contain costs in more than sixty common cost areas, including equipment maintenance, computer supplies and food service. Lee Ferry of National Cost explains that "containment is very different from cost cutting. A business cannot function in cost reduction mode on a long-term basis. Since cost containment involves controlling increases in costs before they occur, it is a means of controlling future risk." He goes on to elaborate that the "strategies for cost containment can be applied to small companies just as easily as large ones, because they involve the same two groups of people: employees and vendors". No Fee Guarantee Program National Cost also has a strict policy regarding customer satisfaction and now also offers a new No Fee guarantee program. National Cost works with each individual client and bases their commission off the percentage of the dollars saved, not a flat fee rate. If you want to learn more about how a cost containment project can boost your profits. Please contact me via my email: or call me at: 888-564-2678. We don't make a nickel until you save a dime.

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