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E-1 = Private

E-2 = Private Second Class

E-3 = Private First Class

E-4 = Specialist/Corporal

E-5 = Sergeant

E-6 = Staff Sergeant

E-7 = Sergeant First Class

E-8 = Master Sergeant/First Sergeant

E-9 = Sergeant Major/Command Sergeant Major

Warrant Officer

WO1 = Warrant Officer 1

CW2 = Chief Warrant Officer 2

CW3 = Chief Warrant Officer 3

CW4 = Chief Warrant Officer 4

CW5 = Chief Warrant Officer 5


O-1 = Second Lieutenant

O-2 = First Lieutenant

O-3 = Captain

O-4 = Major

O-5 = Lieutenant Colonel

O-6 = Colonel

O-7 = Brigadier General

O-8 = Major General

O-9 = Lieutenant General

O-10 = General

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2nd Lieutenant (Gold Bar)

1st Lieutenant (Silver Bar)

Captain (Two Silver Bars)

Major (Gold Oak Leaf)

Lieutenant Colonel (Silver Oak Leaf)

Colonel (Eagle)

Brigadier General (One Star)

Major General (Two Stars)

Lieutenant General (Three Stars)

General (Four Stars)

In recent years, Army Warrant Officers were also given commissioned officer status. There are five levels of Warrant Officer.

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Q: What is the rank structure in the us army?
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What is the highest NCO rank in the US Army?

Sergeant Major of the Army is the highest rank NCO.

Is there an army ranger rank of major sergeant?

No, there is no rank of "Major Sergeant" in the Army Rangers. The ranks in the U.S. Army Rangers follow the same structure as the rest of the Army, including ranks such as Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Colonel.

Can A SFC in the US army lose his rank?

Anyone in the US Army can lose their rank - in the late 1990s, the Sergeant Major of the Army was demoted. It's not as easy for an SFC to lose their rank as, say, a Specialist or Sergeant, but it can happen.

What is the highest rank that an army doctor can achieve?

In the US Army, General.

What is the highest non-commissioned officer rank in the US army?

The highest Non-Commissioned Officer rank in the US Army is Sergeant Major of the Army. The current SMOA is Kenneth O. Preston.

What is the rank down form sergeant?

In the US Army, there's two ranks - Specialist, and Corporal. In the US Marines, it's just Corporal. The Specialist rank in the Army is not an NCO rank, whereas Corporal is.

What rank after major in us army?

Lieutenant Colonel.

How do you find US military rankings in Pearl Harbor?

See website: Pearl Harbor Attack See website: US Military Ranks (US Army, US Navy) The US Air Force did NOT exist during WW2. It was part of the US Army. The US Marine Corps is part of the US Navy. However, it's (officer) rank structure is the same as the US Army's.

What rank did meriwether Louis hold in the US army?


When was the 5 star rank established in the US?

General of the Army.

What rank commands an US Army company?

Usually, a Captain.

Who is called the full bird in the US army?

In the US Army, a full bird refers to a Colonel, which is the rank between Lieutenant Colonel and Brigadier General.