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Obi for women...broad sash

Obi for Men...narrow sash

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Q: What is the sash worn by Japanese women called?
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What is the name of kimono sash?

A broad Japanese sash, usually with a bow in the back and worn with a kimona, is called an obi.

Japanese ornament worn on sash of kimono?


What is the brightly coloured robe worn by Japanese women called?


What are the Navajo sash belts used for the girls?

A sash belt is worn to promote good posture in young women. It is also worn during labor and after birth to help flatten the stomach and regain figure.

What is a obi as in a Japanese clothing?

A wide sash fastened in the back with a large flat bow, worn by women in Japan as a part of the traditional dress.

What is the name of a Kimona sash?

A wide sash worn around the waist normally with a tuxedo is called a "Cummerbund" sometimes spelt with a "K"

What is the meaning of The Japanese word Obi?

Obi is a type of sash, usually decorative, worn over kimonos and other traditional Japanese attire.

What things that are worn that begin with the letter z?

Things that are worn beginning with letter z:zoot suit,zucchetto (cleric's skullcap),zori (Japanese sandals),zunnar (sash worn by non-Muslims in medieval times),

Which country has a national dress called the kimono?

Japan has a national dress called the kimono. It is a traditional Japanese garment that is often worn during special occasions and ceremonies. The kimono features long sleeves and a wrap-around style with a sash called an obi.

What do the Kung Fu and wushi belts mean by their color?

Since a belt system was not originally used in Kung Fu but rather adopted from various Japanese systems the colours are more less the same as most Japanese styles. In order of lowest rank to highest rank they usually look something like this: white belt / no sash - Beginner yellow belt or sash gold belt or sash purple belt or sash orange belt or sash green belt or sash blue belt or sash brown belt or sash red belt or sash black belt or sash - Advanced Often the purple belt is up closer to black and in some cases the red is after black rather than before like so: Black Sash - advanced Red Sash - Master White Sash - Grand Master This will vary from school to school In wushu's case, usually the colour is worn because it matches the uniform.

How do you place merit badges on the sash?

The Boy Scouts of America has a few rules for the merit badge sash. These are summarized from the Insignia Guide[linked] and from[linked]:The merit badge sash is available in 30 and 36 inch lengthsMerit badges are worn on the front of the sashThe Varsity Letter with earned pins and bars may be worn on the bottom front corner of the sashAdditional merit badges and temporary insignia may be worn on the back of the sashThe sash is worn over the right shoulder and is never worn folded through the beltThe merit badge sash and the Order of the Arrow sash may not be worn at the same timeOnly one merit badge sash may be wornThe merit badge sash may be affixed to the shoulder loop with a the merit badge sash pin available from the Scout ShopThe Insignia Guide has no rules on how merit badges are placed. The sash is wide enough to attach merit badges three across.

What is the name of the ornament worn suspended from the sash of a kimono?