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There is no easy answer for this question...Hitler thought he could breed people to come up with the perfect race. He wanted only the most brilliant to breed and also wanted to erase the Jews off the face of the earth. He started controlling more and more land and was killing off more and more enemies and lower class people. USA went in to help the people and to protect them from Hitler and the Japanese saw this as an opportunity to attack USA as we had all our troops over in the German territory. So now we were at great risk and had to enter into ww2 full force ...unfortunately many people were killed. Why was it important?..well we were able to stop Hitler from controlling the whole earth . We were able to stop the japs from taking over USA. We gave all the land back to our enemies and unfortunately we and all others who entered into the war cut the worlds population down.

AnswerIt was a crucial point in history because its outcome determined what kind of world many people would have lived in. The world we got from the allied victory is what you're experiencing today. There are no more 'empires' per se, there is a United Nations which like it or not is the only real world forum we have, freedom to be or do what you want is known to more people than in the early 20th century, there is no government sanctioned program to kill certain races of people...although you could argue the Balkans and Africa disprove that. If the Axis had won, millions of people would have vanished from the earth because of their ethnicity, religion, color, disability, you name it. Much of Europe and Asia would be living as the inferiors (at best) or slaves (at worst) of a dominant country whether it be Germany, Japan...or Italy(maybe?). Then there is the fact that if the Axis had done well World War II as we know it would have just been the prelude to a wider war where eventually North & South America would be even more involved but I don't want to cross too far into alternate reality. Hope I made sense here, just a stream of thought. AnswerThe first answer has the time line just a bit off. The US was not fighting Germany in Europe until AFTER the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. AnswerThe first answer is amazing in it's confusion and inaccuracies.

The land mass of the USA was NEVER threatened by the Japanese military. The only time that the Japanese attacked AMERICAN soil was at Pearl Harbour. The Japanese were very much interested in controlling a wide area of the Pacific Ocean and the main land of CHINA.

The Second World War began in September of 1939, after Germany had invaded it's neighbor, Poland, and in response, Great Britain, who had a mutual defense pact with Poland, declared war on Germany. The Unites States came to the party quite late, in late 1942, after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour, where they inflicted a huge defeat upon the Americans, and managed to sink most of the US Pacific fleet's ships, and destroy many of the US air craft on the ground. By attacking on a Sunday morning, the Japanese knew that most of the US military would be sleeping off their Saturday night drinking bouts, and would be slow to respond to the air attack.

It took the USA until the Summer of 1944 to actually fight the Germans on the ground, while the other Allies had been doing that for a couple of years before that time. From the D Day landings to the final surrender in May 1945, was only 9 months of US ground fighting in Europe.

AnswerThis is an opinion question but I will offer mine......

The most important aspect of WWI was that it transitioned Europe from rule by monarchy to other forms of government - communism, fascism, representative democracy, Nazism. What was left of the monarchies were left with minor political power.

The most important outcome of WWII was that it eliminated the European powers, excepting Russia, as potential world powers. France, Britain, Germany, and Italy once had aspirations of great worldwide influence. By the end of WWII reality slowly settled in that those days were ended.

We are still feeling the effects of the shattered empires left in shambles by WWII. The USA has fought wars to try and stabilize Indochina, Korea, and the middle east. Eventually you may find the USA involved in an African war, that being the most unstable left over of WWII. Additionally many proxy wars have been fought by Russia and the USA in former colonies of the Europeans.

The collapse of European world influence has yet to be totally filled - and power vacuums are always filled. The USA and Russia have tried to fill the gap with limited success, as noted above.

Eventually this will all sort out, most likely like it has always sorted out in human history. This will involve the gradual assumption of power by regional powers who gather smaller states into their political/economic grasp. Usually one or two or these regional powers will then make a play for world power at which time they will run into a coalition of other nations trying to keep them down.

6,000,000 Jews died in the holocaust.


The person who said that Japan never attacked U.S. soil is wrong too. The Japanese tried to attack us with sending experimental hot air balloons with bombs strapped to them. The result of this was one casualty from a hiker that was killed from a crash landing of one of the hot air balloons.

If we don't remember the hatred and evilness in world war II future events like this could happen. The Nazi parties were evil and WWII proved it!
it is only the most resent significant war in the world , involving more than 30 countries and leading to around 70 million fatalities, making it the bloodiest war in human history, never mind the political impact of the NAZI regime and the creation of the cold war caused by the rise of the USSR. oh and of course the issue over the attempted extermination of an entire race of people.

it's when people ask questions like this i understand how history manages to repeat itself...

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well, it offered women's rights more, and more women worked from then at least, in the USA. also, the war pulled the allies more closer together, like us and the Britain because they were in real danger when we halped them. but not Soviet Union (cold war). hope u like my answer!!!! :)

Answeralso, it helped the great deprssion to the end, and boosted the economy from the great depression, exept when they went into the national debt.


A lot more than just this stuff. It was the most important turning point for all mankind. German power was a major fear among Allied powers even after World War I. The Germans only signed an armistice after World War I, and were allowed to still exist. This time, they were humiliated and were occupied by the Allied Powers. The Japanese also signed an instrument of surrender as well. The Great Depression, which was already mostly over in America, was now over worldwide. The United Nations was also formed, and was a stronger version of The League of Nations.

Americans didn't want to join the League of Nations, because it had no army bulk, while the United Nations did. Not only did women have better lifes, but so did African Americans as well. The army was integrated soon after the war ended.

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Because it was a ground-breaking, 6 year long war the involved almost every country in the world, give or take, in some way.

It also showed us the difference between the wars of the good ole' days where they were meant to save something versus the battle for ideological dominance. The last year of the war wasn't fought for liberation of nations under control of Nazi Germany, like northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc, it was a race to Berlin between the Allies and the Soviets. When the Soviets did reach Berlin, in 1945, it pretty much signified the end of the Third Reich and the end of Nazi Germany. The end of World War 2 also signified the start of the Cold war (1945-1991) which wasn't actually a direct war, more of proxy wars fought between the U.S and Soviet Union of Capitalist/Communist domination of the world in short. A Proxy war is when one nation (E.G the U.S) will supply a nation with the needs in which to conduct successful military or political operations to gain dominancei nthat country.

World War 2 also gave us many new technologies (Jet Engines, Missiles like the V2, Atomic power) which would define the coming nuclear age.

And other stuff. I can't think of it right now. Point is, we wouldn't live like we are today if it weren't for WW2. Even though war is bad, it shapes our globe.

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World War 2 was important because it established a world peace the world needed since World War 1. The problems, issues, conflicts and added bitterness had continued after World War 1. Problems with depression, starvation, lack of resources (oil and ores in particular) were tremendous. World War 2 eliminated some of the fascism, lack of democratic rule, some of the colonialism and Imperialism, granted freedom and self rule to many countries, eliminated Hitler and the Nazis and helped Japan to get better trade deals and resources. It did usher in the Cold War that took 40 more years to resolve. The world is better for it but the loss of 70 million lives worldwide is a high price to pay for the improvements.
Yes it was a important War because it marks that is one of the most long lasting wars in the world and also it was one of the war that most killed people both innocent and soldiers more than 25,000,000 deaths.

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the significance of World War 2 is that it was the bloodiest conflict in human history and one of the most destructive war in history

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That isn't a significance. a bloody war does not make it significant. same with being the most destructive.   

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to gain power

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