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radial symmetry

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Q: What is the symmetry of the Portuguese man-of-war?
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Does a Portuguese man-of-war have radial symmetry?

Yes, a Portuguese man-of-war has radial symmetry. This means that its body parts are arranged around a central axis, giving it a circular or symmetrical appearance from all sides.

Does a Portuguese man of war have radial symmetry?

no radial or bilateral

What is the plural of man-of-war?

According to "Men-of-war" is the plural.

What is a sentence with symmetry in it?

It in symmetry with sentence a is what? What is a sentence with symmetry in it? This sentence with symmetry is symmetry with sentence this.

What is reflectional summetry?

Reflection symmetry, reflectional symmetry, line symmetry, mirror symmetry, mirror-image symmetry, or bilateral symmetry is symmetry with respect to reflection

What is line and point symmetry?

Line symmetry = Reflection symmetry. Point symmetry = Rotational symmetry.

What are the three types of symmetry?

line symmetry, rotational symmetry, mirror symmetry &liner symmetry

What are the 3 types symmetry?

The three types of symmetry are reflectional symmetry (mirror symmetry), rotational symmetry (turn-around symmetry), and translational symmetry (slide symmetry).

Does a sponge have radial symmetry bilateral symmetry or no symmetry?

A sponge has no symmetry, and is therefore asymmetrical.

Does z have rotational symmetry but no line symmetry?

The letters H and Z have both line symmetry and rotational symmetry

What quadrilateral has no line of symmetry but has rotation symmetry?

A parallelogram has no lines of symmetry, but it has rotational symmetry.

Does a butterfly have Radial symmetry or bilateral symmetry?

Bilateral Symmetry.