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the activation code is always different. they send one to your e-mail address then you type it in when you log in.

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Q: What is the tribal wars actavation code?
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What is a good free tribal wars bot? :) free and powerful ;)

I'm about to start tribal wars. What world should i use?

I would go with th most recent world. They have the newest players.

Idea that war is never the answer?

war is never the answer for: war can destroy mankind, buildings and can put a country in a economic crisis. It is also is the kingpin for many wars to come against: war is right if you want too kill world threats, like Sudan Husein is also used too kill people that are killing religious and tribal groups

Name of heroes of tribal revolts in twentieth century?

Birsa Munda

What wars did the maori fight in?

All of them. Technically the Maori fought in all of their wars for independence against the British forces, but people of Maori ancestry probably would have signed up and fought in WW1, WW2, Iraq/Afghanistan/etc and any other wars. There would've probably been wars between tribes before and after the British arrived. It depends whether you are talking Tribal/traditional/ancient Maori, or people with Maori ancestry. They certainly did fight in all major conflicts and with legendary distinction. There are many stories of the fierceness of Maori forces during both world wars, particularly WW1. In Beans history of Australians in WW1 he mentions the fearsome sight of a company of Maori soldiers running across "no-mans' land" toward the German trenches shouting a haka, only to arrive at the trench and find that the Germans had fled in fear before a shot was fired. The Maori people also share the ANZAC legend with Australians and New Zealanders. A proud and majestic people, they have fought side by side with other Commonwealth soldiers in all major conflicts. ----------- Many Maori have fought as part of the New Zealand Defence forces in many wars and UN Peace keeping operations over the years. The following is a short (incomplete) list of wars and operations the New Zealand army has been involved in:- WW1, WW2, Malaya, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, East Timor, Sudan, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan. If your question intended to refers to tribal wars, and wars against the British during the early years of colonisation:- The Musket Wars, The Flagstaff War, The Hutt Valley Campaign, The Wanganui Campaign, The First Taranaki War, The Invasion of The Waikato, The Tauranga Campaign, The Second Taranaki War, The East Cape War, Te Kooti's War, and Titokowaru's War.