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Rationing is a book that every one had when they went to a shop they could only have things that was on the list of the book and only have a certain amount of it.

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Q: What is the value of world war 2 rationing coupons dated 1945?
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What is the value of World War II rationing coupons dated 1945?

$25 see ebay

What do they sell in the Black markets in during World War 2?

I think they sold and traded rationing coupons.

Did soldiers get ration books in World War 2?

Yes. All countries involved in WW2 (and all occupied territories) had rationing and ration books. The only alternative to rationing by coupons would have been rationing by price. In most cases, this would have sent the prices of essentials sky high.

How did rationing coupons work during the world wars?

Depending on how many kids,Adults, Seniors you had in your house it decided how much food you needed and how much you got.

What is the value of the world war 2 food coupons?

Check on ebay

What is the value of a world war 2 pistol dated 1910?

what kind of pistol ?????????

What is the value of depression food ration stamps?

To the best of my knowledge there was no food rationing during the 1930's depression, at least not in the United States. The only food rationing was during World War 2 in the 1940's.

Why did rationing happen in WW2?

In Britain, rationing actually got tougher after WWII.

What are some example sentences using the word rationing?

Rationing was done during World War II.We are rationing the chocolate during our diet.

Where can you find information about World War 2 rationing?

To find information on rationing you can go to To find information on rationing you can go to To find information on rationing you can go to

When was rationing introduced in ww2?

1939 everyone in Britain was issued with a rationing book (in World War 2 )

Was there ever Food Rationing in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland during World War 2 and after?

There was rationing in both jurisdictions. Rationing in the Republic was less severe however and ended before rationing in the North ended.