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Guadalcanal is part of the Solomon Island chain. It was discovered by Alvaro de Mendana, a Spanish explorer, in 1568.

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Guadalcanal is in the Solomon Islands, northeast of Australia. The Islands were a British protectorate, and the Solomons are today a dependency of New Zealand.

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Q: What island chain is guadalcanal part of?
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Where did the battle of Guadalcanal happened?

The battle of Guadalcanal happened at Guadalcanal! The island of Guadalcanal is in the Solomon islands archipelago in the pacific, just northwest of Australia. Guadalcanal is the island closest to Australia, and it is the largest.

What island did MacArthur invaded in the southwest?


What is the largest island of the Solomon?

Guadalcanal is the largest island of the Solomon Islands.

Where is Ironbottom Sound?

It is the area between Guadalcanal, Savo Island and Florida Island.

First island America put troops on?


What nation is Corfu part of?

it is part of an island chain belonging to Greece.

The first island attacked by the Allies in a move to draw closer to Japan. Guadalcanal Okinawa Iwo Jima or Taiwan.?


What island chain is Grenada part of?

Grenada is part of the Lesser Antilles, which is a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Which is part of the Solomon Islands?


What was the aftermath of the battle of Guadalcanal?

The small island of Guadalcanal, part of the Solomon Islands chain in the South Pacific, was the site of an important battle during World War II. From August of 1942 to February of 1943, American and Japanese forces battled on land, in the air, and at sea for control of this jungle-covered island, with the Americans finally gaining control.

What were the landings in Guadalcanal?

The landings in Guadalcanal refer to the US-led military operation in August 1942, during World War II. American forces landed on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands to establish an airbase and secure the area, disrupting Japanese plans for expansion in the South Pacific. The subsequent battle for control of the island lasted several months and marked a significant turning point in the Pacific theater of the war.

First territory japan lost in the war?

The island of Guadalcanal .