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1 pound=$1

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Q: What kind of dollar in Britain called?
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What would a twenty dollar be called in Britain?

Britain is the home of the English language. Twenty Dollars would be called Twenty Dollars.

Did germany try to invade Britain?

kind of yes, was called Battle of Britain. German Luftwaffe (airforce) tryed to gain air superiority over Britain.

Is a sand dollar dollar a limestone?

Sand dollar is not a limestone. It is a living thing found in the sea. They are a kind of sea urchins which are round and flat. The flat portion is its bone which is called the test.

What is the value of a 1730s British dollar in good condition?

Britain did not produce a "Dollar" coin.

What is one dollar equal two in Britain?


Does Canada and US have the same kind of money?

Both currencies are called a "dollar" but their relative value isn't connected.

What was a sand dollar called before it was named a sand dollar?

A sand dollar was called a geopolitical dollar

What is the Asian dollar called?

its called a elephant dollar

What is a unit of money called?

It depends on your country. In Britain it is the pound sterling (GBP) in most European countries it is the Euro (EUR) and in the United States it is the dollar (USD).

How much is a 1910 Great Britain half dollar worth?

Please check the coin again and post a new question. Great Britain has never used dollars, only pounds sterling.

What is a US dollar called in Europe?

... it is called ... A DOLLAR! No country in Europe has a currency called dollar. Examples of countries with currencies called dollar are USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and more besides.

What is the US dollar value of a Great Britain pound?

The value of one US dollar is equal to 0.60 Great Britain pound. Thus us the current conversion rate as of August 2014.