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An atomic bomb puts out many kinds of energy:



Radio waves


And as these energies move outward, they in turn trigger many other types of energy.

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Q: What kind of energy is given off by an atom bomb?
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What kind of cocktail was popular with 2nd world war resistance groups?

Molatov - a gasoline fire bomb

What kind of plane dropped the aotmic bomb on Hiroshima?

The B-29 Bomber named The Enola Gay.

Why is an atomic bomb sometimes called a fisson bomb?

The term atomic bomb is a general one. It refers to any kind of nuclear weapon. But there are basically a couple of different types of nuclear weapon: the fission weapon, and the fusion weapon. (We can split hairs and add some, but let's not.) In a "regular" atomic or nuclear weapon, a fission weapon, subcritical masses of fissile material, usually plutonium, are driven together by conventional explosives and the thing goes off. Boom! There is fission, but no fusion. That differentiates this type of weapon from a fusion device. The term fusion deviceis used to talk about what used to be called the hydrogen bomb. The fusion weapon must have a fission device to create the heat necessary for fusion to occur, and it uses the fission bomb to "trigger" fusion in that light. If someone uses the term "fission bomb" in a presentation, they are not talking about the so-called hydrogen bomb or any fusion weapon - if they are using the term correctly.

What kind of rifles were used in world war 2?

M1 Garand was the most widespread rifle in WWII, but some were also given an M1A1 Garand. Few were given automatic rifles like the BAR and Thompson

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What kind of aircraft drops the atom bomb?

Both were B-29

What kind of energy does an atom produce?

it give kinetic energy

What kind of energy does the nucleas of an atom contain?

mass energy and binding energy

What kind of energy is given off by lightning?

heat and light energy.

The bonds between the protons of a silver atom is what kind of energy?

The bonds between the protons of a silver atom are classified as nuclear binding energy. This energy arises from the strong nuclear force that holds the protons together in the nucleus of the atom.

The nucleus of an atom can store what kind of energy?

The nucleus of an atom can store potential energy, which is released when nuclear reactions occur, such as fission or fusion. This energy is harnessed in nuclear power plants or in nuclear weapons.

What kind of energy is stored in the nucleus of the atom the answer is It is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is the type of energy stored in the nucleus of an atom. This energy can be released through processes such as nuclear fission and fusion, which convert small amounts of mass into large amounts of energy.

What is the name given to the strange kind of energy-fluid that filled space?

dark energy

What kind of nuclear reaction does an atomic bomb use?

An atomic bomb uses a nuclear fission reaction. This involves splitting the nucleus of a heavy atom, such as uranium or plutonium, into smaller nuclei, releasing a large amount of energy in the process.

When energy is being transferred what kind of energy is given off the most?

That depends on the specific situation.

The nucleus of an atom contains what kind of energy?

The nucleus of an atom contains potential energy, primarily in the form of binding energy that holds the protons and neutrons together. This binding energy is a result of the attractive nuclear forces that act between nucleons.

Which kind of energy can only be produced by fusing together or breaking apart the small particles located in atom cores?

nuclear energy