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The regulation US Army Infantry insignia consists of two crossed model 1795 Springfield flintlock muskets of .69 caliber. This was the US Army's first US government made & issued shoulder arm. This infantry insignia was officially adapted by the US Army in 1922. From about 1875 until 1922, the US Infantry used the crossed rifles that were issued to the US Infantry at the time. Everytime the US Army adopted a new rifle, the Quartermaster would have to issue a new infantry crossed rifle insignia to match the new rifle. For example when the Army adapted the model 1903 bolt action Springfield in 1903...crossed 1903 Springfield insignia's had to be issued. This all ended by the new 1922 regulation.

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Q: What kind of rifles are on the infantry crossed rifles?
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What does the number 4 above the infantry insignia crossed rifles stand for?

4th Infantry Regiment Crossed Rifles were an insignia for the INFANTRY, including Airborne Infantry. The enlisted men wore a disc with crossed rifles, and Officers were only crossed rifles. Some units would wear the crossed rifles with letters or numbers. Some would have a Letter for the Company and a number for the Regiment. The Number was the identity of the Regiment, because the identity of the DIvision was a cloth patch worn on the LEFT sleeve. For Engineer battalions, the symbol was a castle and the number identified the number of the engineer battalion.

What is a brass world war 2 pin with two crossed rifles a 3 at the top and an H at the bottom?

the 3 stands for the 3 rd infantry [crossed rifles] H was the division, hence the 3 rd infantry division,

Are crossed AUTOMATIC rifles a symbol of the US Infantry or Marine Corps - I've seen the old style bolt rifles crossed but not auto ones?

The Springfield 1903 rifle is a classic US firearm, and the military keeps them as a symbol of infantry in general. They don't use M-16s or anything like that. If you look closely, you will notice that the U.S. Infantry emblem is a pair of crossed MUSKETS, not auto-rifles, definitely NOT M-16's. I hope this corrects the mistake made above this boutthe 1903 Springfield.

What do the USMC Crossed Rifles represent?

The crossed rifles on the enlisted rank insignias represent that "Every Marine is a rifleman". Unlike the other branches of the military, all Marines (regardless of their assigned job) receive infantry training-including female Marines. This means that any Marine is qualified to provide security when needed. It aslo means that they are one step closer to being a NCO becase Lcpl a rank that is not a NCO that has the cross rifles, and it is one rank away from a NCO because a Cpl Has Cross rifles too. there should not be a big difference between a Cpl and a Lcpl

What does CAL mean on a World War 1 military pin that has two crossed rifles?

CAL on a World War 1 military pin with crossed rifles most likely refers to California. It could be a symbol indicating the unit or organization that the individual belonged to, possibly a California-based infantry unit. Further research into specific units or markings may provide more information about the pin's significance and the individual's service.

What does a World War 2 pin circular with crossed rifles mean?

It sounds like you are describing a collar brass insignia for Infantry. The Army had several Branches such as Infantry, Ordnance, Air Corps, Legal, Medical, etc. A soldier wore a round brass insiginia that was 1.0 inch diameter on the collar of his uniform that indicated his branch of service. On this disc was an emblem that was a symbol of his branch. The symbol for the infantry was crossed rifles. Notice that a soldier may be assigned to an Infantry Division but be a part of the Medial service or the Artillery. Therefore, the insignia he wore would reflect this specialty and not the Infantry. This branch insignia was worn on the LEFT collar. On the Right collar was worn a similar disc with "US" on it.

When did US Army start using crossed rifles insignia?

Answer Good question. The uniforms of the American Revolution were very plain and there was little to no military branch identification insignia on the tri-corner hat. From the period of the War of 1812 until the Civil War (1861-1865), the United States Army Infantry regulations called for a bugle horn badge of slight variations on soldier's caps to identify the Infantry branch of the Army. On November 19, 1875, the U. S. Army Regulations called for the crossed rifles insignia to replace the bugle as the cap badge of the U. S. Infantry, which followed the design traditions of the crossed sabers and cannons of the U. S. Army Cavalry and Artillery branches. By 1898, the crossed rifle insignia began appearing on the collars of U. S. Army infantry uniforms. Since 1898 to the present day, the crossed rifle insignia has been traditionally displayed on the collars of United States Army uniforms. However, the crossed rifles cap insignia has been replaced with other types of badge designs. Reference: Urwin, Gregory J. W., The United States Infantry, An Illustrated History 1775-1918. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1988.

A soldier who fights with rifles on the ground are called what?


What are soldiers who fight with rifles on the ground called?


What is the best infantry regiment in the UK forces?


What do they use and carry in the Canadian Army?

The standard infantry rifles in the RCAF are the Diemaco C7A1 and C7A2 rifles.

What do you call soldiers who fight with rifles on the ground?

infantry soldiers