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LBJ (Long Binh Jail).

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Q: What kinds of punishments in Vietnam?
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What were four kinds of punishments purtians inflicted upon lawbreakers?

The kinds of punishments were they would be a slave, get whipped, or be killed.

What kinds of punishments are imposed on persons convicted of felony?

depends on the crime and which felony grade it is.

How many kinds of flag is from Vietnam?

2 flags

What kinds of transportation do Vietnam have?

Vietnam is rapidly becoming an industrialized nation. They have every kind of transportation you can think of.

What kinds of diseases were encountered during the Vietnam War?


Do Vietnam people like to mix all kinds of food together?

Probably so.

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Were fire ants a problem in the Vietnam war?

Yes, fire ants were a problem for troops during the Vietnam War. Other dangers in the jungle areas of Vietnam included ticks, mosquitoes that carried malaria, and at least 30 different kinds of venomous snakes.

What were the punishments for smuggling goods during the thirteen colonies?

What were the punishments for smuggling in 1700

Are rewards better than punishments?

It depends upon whether or not you can learn from what you did to receive the punishments or not and if you had received rewards for having learned from past punishments, if that is the case, then it would be better to be receiving rewards presently, if not, hopefully, because you would be receiving punishments you will learn from it and then it would be better to be receiving punishments, as long as they're for good reasons.

What were the laws and punishments of taoism?

There were many rules and punishments due to the many rulers with different personalities

When was Curious Punishments of Bygone Days created?

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days was created in 1896.