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Q: What letters were on the stamp on a ll army supplies during civil war?
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What are ration stamps?

A ration stamp is similar to that of a food stamp. A ration stamp (or card) was given to the people of a country by their government and could be exchanged for food. This was mainly used during wartimes when things like bread, sugar, and coffee are in short supply and must be evenly divided among a group of people.

Can old glory g stamp still be used to mail letters?

Yes it is still valid for postage, but it is worth only 32 cents, so some additional stamps will be necessary.

What were World War 2 stamp books?

World War 2 stamp books were collections of stamps issued during the war era. These stamp books typically featured various patriotic and propaganda-themed designs to promote national unity and support for the war effort. They were popular among stamp collectors and served as a way to document and commemorate the significant events and individuals of that time period.

What important contribution did dorothea dix make on society?

Major Accomplishments: • Dorothea Dix has been described as the most effective advocate of humanitarian reform in American mental institutions, during the nineteenth century.• From 1824 to 1829 she published five books.• During the Civil War she was an army nurse.• She has her own stamp with her picture on it. It was made September 23, 1993.

What did Juliette Low have named her honor during world war 1?

I believe a Liberty Ship or assault troop transport was named in her honor. She was honored on a postage stamp in I believe l948

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What does the stamp with a falcon the letters C E and a castle in roman letters on a silver bowl with grapes?

it is a stamp

How much did it cost to mail letters in the 1920s?

In the 1920's you could by a stamp for 1-3 cents a stamp.

Is stamp a short a word?

Yes. The A has a short A sound as in am and lamp.

What do the letters OR stand for when stamped in a ring?

probably a manufacturer stamp

Another name for stamp collector 11 letters?


First class stamp cost?

For small letters, 39p

What value does a 4 cent stamp has today?

All U.S. stamps since the Civil War can still be used to mail letters and packages. So a 4 cent stamp is worth 4 cents today. If the stamp is old you can check in the catalogs to determine collector value. Few stamps issued since 1950 have significant collector value.

What during the stamp act?

people made the first stamp

Do you have pictures of the stamp act?

They did not have cameras during the stamp Act.

How much did a stamp cost during the stamp act?

About $2.00

How much is a postage in stamp in the US?

It depends on the weight of the package or envelope. Letters weighing one ounce or less require a 49 cent stamp called a "forever" stamp.

Where can I find stamp collecting supplies?

You should to go to an official reputable stamp site to get the best and correct information possible. I would recommend This is the official US stamp organization and they will get you started on the right path.