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you should put this on Yahoo answers they reply quicker than wiki.answers..... just saying!

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Q: What made Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich famous?
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When did Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich die?

Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich died on 1886-07-01.

When was Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich born?

Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich was born on 1806-12-11.

In which country was otto Wilhelm hermann von abich born in?

You don't need the preposition "in" dangling at the end of your sentence; you already had "in" at the beginning (where it belongs.)

When did Hermann Otto Sleumer die?

Hermann Otto Sleumer died in 1993.

When was Otto Wilhelm Madelung born?

Otto Wilhelm Madelung was born in 1846.

When did Otto Wilhelm Madelung die?

Otto Wilhelm Madelung died in 1926.

When was Otto Wilhelm Furuhjelm born?

Otto Wilhelm Furuhjelm was born in 1819.

When did Wilhelm Otto Kühne die?

Wilhelm Otto Kühne died in 1988.

When was Wilhelm Otto Kühne born?

Wilhelm Otto Kühne was born in 1924.

When did Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck die?

Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck died in 1688.

When was Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck born?

Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck was born in 1639.

When was Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto born?

Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto was born in 1909.