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After the Civil War was over, all was still not well. Everything that had been destroyed by the war had to be rebuilt, including the government in the South. Laws were passed to give equal rights to blacks, but blacks continued to be treated differently. Read more about Reconstruction, the time after the Civil War, when the country began to recover from the fighting.

After the Civil War, it took over 100 years for blacks to have the same equal rights as whites. Three amendments to the U.S. Constitution helped blacks have the same opportunities as whites and have the same right to vote. The Reconstruction Acts were also part of this fight. These made the South give blacks their political rights.

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There were several major events that happened after the Civil War. One of the biggest was the Civil Rights Movement.
The Reconstruction of America's economy and land was taking place after the Civil War.

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Lincoln's assasination, the cleaning up after the war and Lincoln's ten percent plans, a new president, Freedman's Burea

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Q: What major dramatic or historical events happened after the US Civil War ended?
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