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Felt they did not value education and hard work.

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Q: What many writers in the north felt about people in the south?
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Why did the non-slaveholding Southerners supported secession?

Many felt that the North was trying to impose it's will and values on the South.

What was civilians attitude towrds the civil war?

There were many different attitudes about the civil war, and many people had changing beliefs about the war. In both the South and North, people often felt patriotic and felt it was a battle for survival (more so down south). Many people were opposed to war from the start. Some families had members fighting on both sides, which created a mixed feeling about the war. As the war dragged on though, more and more people wanted it to end (this tends to happen a lot in wars).

What is a noteworthy event that happened today in history for 23rd of August?

5.8 earthquake occurs in Mineral, Virginia felt as far north as Ontario and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia

During the civil war why did the south have to leave the union?

because the south was angry, the north decided to take their money. north stole the south money and south very angry, but American way. north killed south and that's where theres no racism, Abraham Lincoln. #2 Mostly because of state's rights, the south felt that the Union didn't have the right to tell them how to live and do business, slavery was one of the issues that brought the crisis to a head. When the south talked about secession the Union said they would enforce the Union claim by force. That also inflamed the south who considered that an invasion of their sovereign states.

Did the north or south have more farmland during civil war?

In 1860, there were actually more farms in the North than in the South. Northern farms were typically smaller and produced crops like wheat. But agriculture was still the backbone of the South's economy. In the South, farms were much larger -- many had more then 1,000 acres. (1 acre is about 1 football field) These huge plantations grow cash crops like tobacco, rice, and sugar. The most important crop of all was cotton. All the crops grown in the South relied on a large slave workforce. In addition the South had to pay taxes on many of the crops they exported. Many in the South felt they were taxed unfairly compared to the North.. and I agree with this fact...

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How did Many writers in the north felt that people in the south apex?

too hard

What did many writers in the north feel about people in the south?

They felt that Southerners did not value education and hard work.

The south felt increasingly subjugated by the north's economy because? was the North that developed industrial manufacturing.

What are the old south states?

They felt the North was taking them where they did not want to go, They felt that the North would change there life still . They also objected to Lincoln being elected.

What did the south thin about the actions of the north of the civil war?

i bet they felt mad and scared of the north and have learned a lessen

Was it true after the election of 1860 the south felt that the north was unwilling to except a majority rule?


Traditional southerners felt that urban development in the south was?

evidence of the continuing domination of the North.

Was it true after the election of 1860 the south felt that the north was unwilling to except majority rule?


How did englishfeel after the Boston Tea Party?

Probably like the South felt when the North burned the cotton.

The north wanted to protect its industry?

Yes - with tariffs on imports. It was the South that mostly needed the imports, having no industry of its own. So it felt like the North taxing the South.

How did states rights effect the north and south during the civil war?

South felt if they had the right to join the Union they could leave it

What caused people living in the north and south to disagree during the mid-1800s?

the mid 1800s the north was so upset and the south was upset and tthey felt veery sorry and they did not like it and It is very diagreement ande very crazy thing. they disagree about there was so much growth in the north and most of all slavery.