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Slaves would have still been a big deal. The South would have been one nation.

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Q: What might have happened had civil war not occurred?
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When did The communist takeover of Russia occurred in?

it happened after the Russian civil war in 1917-1918

What year did the civil war happened?

The American Civil War occurred on April 12, 1861 and it was a quarrel between the north and the south (Yankees and Confederates). On April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered to Grant and the war ended. The civil war happened from 1862-1865.

What kind of acts occurred while Abraham Lincoln was president?

The Civil War happened during Abe's President life

Did the civil war was avoided?

No, it was not avoided. It occurred.

What happened during 1860?

Countless events occurred after 1860, including the War Between the States (aka The Civil War). Fran Logan

What civil war occurred on July 17 1936?

The civil war in Spain (1936 -39)

What happened during the Liberian civil war 1?

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

What does consequent civil war mean?

The phrase "consequent civil war" indicates that the civil war happened as a result (or consequence) of something. For example, I might say that in the US, the institution of slavery and the consequent civil war have left a deep impression on the American culture.

What did Emmett Till do in the Civil War?

Emmett Till didn't do anything in the Civil War. He wasn't even alive when the Civil War occurred.

What happened during the war?

what happened during the civil war

The Civil War began at?

The first Battle of the English Civil war occurred at Powick Bridge in Worcestershire.

What major events occurred in the 1950s?

the civil war