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The evacuation from Dunkirk

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Q: What miracle raised british morale?
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What was the miracle that gave the british morale in World War 2?

The evacuation of 338,000 Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk from 28 May until 4 June 1940

Why did Hitler bomb British industries?

to break british morale

How did Pearl Harbor affect the Japanese?

Raised morale, it was a quick victory.

Who urged Lincoln to free slaves as a morale issue?

Fredrick Douglas urged Lincoln to free the slaves as a Moral Issue, but it raised morale as well.

What is a sentence with the word morale?

The size and speed of the British naval ships was enough to shatter the enemy morale.The morale in the company is very low.

1940 did Hitler begin a campaign to break British morale by bombing their cities?

Yes, he attacked their center of population and production in which crippled them and broke their morale.

How did the Battle of the Coral Sea affect America?

Raised morale with the radio transmission, "Scratch one flat top!"

Is basshunter British?

Basshunter is not British. He was born and raised in Sweden.

Who was the british Prime Minister who used speeches on the radio to boost the British morale during World War 2?

Winston Churchill

How did the battle of atlanta affect the outcome of the civil war?

It raised Northern morale and helped Lincoln win re-election.

How did sherman's victory at Atlanta affect the election of 1864?

It made big news in the North and raised morale, even though it actually represented a failure to destroy the Army of Tennessee before it reached Atlanta.

What was the condition of british andd french morale in 1917?

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade!