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so that we could not do and trade with Mexico

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To stop the Confederacy importing war supplies.

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Q: What motivated the union to blockade the Texas ports?
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What were the war strategies used by the union?

TO blockade southern ports

Why was one strategy that the Union had for defeating the south a naval blockade of southern ports?

Because the Union hoped that by creating a blockade on the ports, the South would be unable to trade, and their economy would be ruined.

Why did the want to blockade Southern ports?

So the union can't get through

WHY WAS the union blockade of Georgia important during the war?

Because Savannah was one of the blockade-runners' favourite ports.

How did the Confederacy try to get around the Union blockade of Southern ports?

The Union blockade of major Southern ports was a method to cut off trade between the Confederacy and foreign countries. The South used torpedoes, fortifications around certain ports and privateers to circumvent Union warships blockading ports. It also had a small war fleet to attack Union ships.

What causes shortages for the confederacy during the war in the southern ports?

Union's naval supremacy and blockade of Southern ports.

Why did the north want to blockade southerner ports?

So the union can't get through

Closing of the Southern ports so supplies couldn't be shipped in or out?

Union Blockade

Did the Union blockade the southern ports?

Yes, throughout the entire Civil War.

Why did the north want blockade southern ports?

So the union can't get through

What caused many material shortages for the Conderacy?

The Union naval blockade of Confederate ports

Name one reason the Confederacy ran low on supplies?

Union blockade on all ports.