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Notably , the US and the USSR .

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Q: What nation was divided after World War 2 and later reunited?
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Which nation was divided after World War 2 and later reunited?


What was the name of the kingdom that the hebrews established in canaan which they believed was their promised land?

It was called the Land of Israel, later divided into the kingdoms of Israel and Judea, but then reunited as Israel.

What European nation did not unify under a central authority in the Middle Ages?

Italy was the European nation that did not unify until later. It was divided into many states.

How was the new world ultimately divided?

The new world was ultimately divided by the Pope. When he divided the new world it was called split the line of Demarcation. Later on the lands would be divided again and this was called the Treaty of Tordesillas.

What world war 1 central power nation later became an allied power?


What is the oldest country?

This depends on the exact context of country, and whether a country is still considered if it has been divided up, and later reunited. Egypt is often considered the oldest country, having been united around 3000 BC.

What is the name of the Indian Bollywood movie about two brothers who were separated yet reunited later on?

karan arjun!

What three parts is Germany divided into?

Germany was divided first into four sections, one for the French, one for the English, one for the US, and one for the Soviet Union, the four "winners" of ww2. Later it was divided into two sections, one for the Allied forces (Britain, America, France) and one section for the Soviet Union. Germany was reunited into one country in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

How can the states influence the policies of the federal government?

By trying out policies that might later affect the entire nation

Sam Houston pro union?

Yes Sam Houston is definitely pro union he said "a nation divided can not stand" which Lincoln then restated eight years later

Who is the former player of world cup winning nation 7 a captain who later became an international umpire?

what,s the answer

Did Thomas Jefferson have any opponents?

Yes, one of them was John Adams, until they reunited toward there later years.