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Adolf Jahr's birth name is Adolf Johansson.

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Adolf Jahr went by The Sweedish Douglas Fairbanks.

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Q: What nicknames did Adolf Jahr go by?
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When was Adolf Jahr born?

Adolf Jahr was born on June 23, 1893.

When did Adolf Jahr die?

Adolf Jahr died on April 19, 1964, in Stockholm, Stockholms ln, Sweden.

What nicknames did Adolf Galland go by?

Adolf Galland went by Dolfo.

What nicknames did Adolf Furler go by?

Adolf Furler went by Addi.

What nicknames did Adolf Dymsza go by?

Adolf Dymsza went by Dodek.

What nicknames does Johann Adolf Sauruck go by?

Johann Adolf Sauruck goes by Hansi.

What nicknames does Adolf El Assal go by?

Adolf El Assal goes by A.D., and Ady.

How many nicknames did Adolf Hitler have?

i dot know

When was Line Jahr born?

Line Jahr was born in 1984.

When was Marcin Jahr born?

Marcin Jahr was born in 1969.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hur tokigt som helst - 1949?

The cast of Hur tokigt som helst - 1949 includes: Elof Ahrle as Rudolf Trane John Botvid as John, butler Adolf Jahr as Adolf Berglund Gaby Stenberg as Young girl

What is the German translation for happy new year?

Happy New Year = ein gutes neues Jahr! (or simply ein gutes neues!)It is also common to say einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr (literally slide well into the New Year