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First its one ofthe worst races. the answer is definatly orks

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Q: What one of worst race on dawn of war?
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Are the Eldar a good race to play as in Dawn of War?

I say they are one of the worst. They are one of the weakest in both damage and health. They are very fast and can move buildings we can lead to some mean trick to other human players.

Do you have to be Space Marines in Dawn of War 2?

In Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising you can only play as Space Marines in the single-player campaign, but in Retribution you can play as any race. In skirmishes and multi-player you can play as any race.

Where was the worst race riot in history?

Detroit, l943 in mid-war claimed at least 34 dead.

Can you get dawn of war for apple Mac?

Please some one tell me how to get warhammer 40,000 dawn of war for my mac?

What do you do when your dawn of war 2 crashes?

Buy another one!

Dawn of war 2?

dawn of war 2 are in the shop.

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of war winter assault?

Answer: Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Winter Assault, is an expansion pack to the original Dawn of War game, it features a new race, The Imperial Guard. The IG is much like the Space Marines but weaker. This also includes a brand new Campaign where you can choose to play as either Order (The Guard and Eldar) or Disorder (Orks and Chaos).

When was At the Dawn of War created?

At the Dawn of War was created in 2005-02.

Which of the following events is considered one of the worst war crimes of the 1930s?

Answer this question… The Nanjing Massacre

When will the next Dawn of war come out and what is its name?

Dawn of war retribution and it has already come out.

How many computers can one copy of Dawn of War Soulstorm be installed on?


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