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All the orders had to be obeyed.

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Q: What order was given to soldiers in world war 1 that they had to obey?
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What is the refusal of soldiers to obey orders?

Insubordination punishment

Why obey a lawful order?

You obey a lawful order because the penalty for not obeying the order is greater than obeying it. If you are in the military and you are given a lawful order which you refuse to obey, you are guilty of insubordination. You could end up in the brig/stockade (a fancy word for prison). If you are driving along and a cop holds up his hand for you to stop and you decide to keep going and appear to be running him down, he could pull out his gun and shoot you. It is usually better to obey a lawful order.

How many points is given for failure to obey highway sign in Virginia?

How many points is given for failure to obey highway sign in virginia?

Would soldiers in ww1 have right to disobey?

no, they had to obey what they were told or theyd be shot

What are the two reasons given for why the littleuns obey the call of the conch in the lord of the flies?

The two reasons why the littleuns obey the call of the conch in "Lord of the Flies" are that it represents order and authority for them, and they have been conditioned to follow rules from their upbringing in society.

Is it true that Hitler ordered his troops to burn Paris when the Allies liberated it?

yes, but his soldiers did not obey him.

What is article 92?

Article 92 is known in the military world as a "punitivearticle," and it is the failure to obey an order or command. In the military this can be punished criminally.

What did Von Steuben teach American soldiers to do?

he taught them to march fight and not run away and how to obey commands

How did civil disobedience affect soldiers?

Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws of government. This affects the soldiers, because if the people cannot be contained by the police, then the soldiers have to step in and fight for peace.Ê

Would you obey an order if you knew it was morally wrong?


What kinetics does radioactive decay obey?

First order

What is article 92 of the UCMJ?

Article 92 of the UCMJ is anyone who fails to obey or violates a direct order or regulation given by chain of command. It is a soldier or armed forced personal having knowledge of an order given by chain of command and fails to complete his or her duties. It is neglectfully disregarding given instructions and abandoning duties or lacking in performance of duties.