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Utopian socialist

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Q: What organization Robert was an influential leader for?
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Robert Moses was influential leader in what civil rights organization?

(SNCC) i think

Robert Moses was an influential leder for which organization?


Robert Owen was an influential leader of the?

Utopian socialist

Was general e Lee famous?

Robert E. Lee was probably the best General during that time period. He worked with coal and turned it to gold. The Souths most influential leader was Robert E. Lee while that North had Abraham Lincoln.

Is there any influential leader today that does not have a college degree?


What is an influential African American leader?

Martin Luther King.

Who was the most influential leader in World War 2?


What do you call someone who starts a movement?

ontrapnuer ,leader, influential

When was Robert Eadon Leader born?

Robert Eadon Leader was born in 1839.

When did Robert Eadon Leader die?

Robert Eadon Leader died in 1922.

What is a union leader?

a leader of a union

Who is generally the most influential person in the senate?

The most influential person in the senate is the Senate majority leader. This is the person that controls the most influence in the ruling party and in committees.