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West Germany was part of the "free" world; East Germany was controlled by the Soviets.

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they dident

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Q: What part of Europe did Germany took control?
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What country took control of most Western Europe by 1940?

Nazi Germany.

Who took the east side of Germany?

After the second world war ended, the east part of Germany came under the control of USSR...

What was D day about?

Nazi Germany had control of Normandy and Paris, France so The Allies pushed them back to Germany and took control of Normandy which made it easier to achieve V-E day (Victory Europe Day)

What country was the first in continental Europe to Industrialize?

While Britain was the first country in which industrialization occurred it is not part of continental Europe. It is debated as to who in continental Europe took part in the Industrial Revolution next, but the leading answer would likely be Germany; an economic powerhouse for quite some time.

How did the rise of nationalism in Germany lead to revolutions in Europe?

Except for the French Revolution in the 1700's there has been no revolutions in Europe and German nationalism has had nothing to do with the French Revolution. German nationalists were the cause the WW2 when Hitler took control of Germany.

Which series of events led to the liberation of victims of the Holocaust?

Answer this question… Allied forces encountered concentration and death camps as they took control of Europe after defeating Germany.

How did Adolph Hitler promote Germany?

If you mean how he took control of Germany, he used propoganda

Who took control of Europe?

king auther king auther

Who were the allies that took control af germany after World War 2?

The United States of America, Great Britain, USSR, and France took control of Germany after World War 2.

What country took control of the lands between Europe and Asia?


Who was the first leader in Europe and took control of Italy?

Benito Mussolini

World war 1 took place in?

Europe. Specifically France, Germany, and Italy.