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During World War 1, Germany and Russia fought heavily to gain control of the Balkan Peninsula. The two belligerents were trying to get the upper hand in terms of advantageous geographical positioning.

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Q: What peninsula did Germany and Russia want control?
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Which of these did Spain France and Germany each want to control?


Why did the Russians fight the Germans in world war 2?

The Germans invaded Russia, and were headed for Moscow, Russia and a few other places. The people and leaders of Russia did not want to be ruled by Germany, so they fought back.

When did Austria declare war on russia World War 1?

In 1914, a Serbian student assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Austria wanted to punish Serbia, who was allies by Russia. Austria later declared war on Russia on August 6, 40 days after the assassination. Ironically, Austria and Russia were intended to be allies through a negotiation orchestrated in 1837 by the chancellor of Germany called the League of Three Emperors. Austria and Russia could not agree on policies in the Balkan region, however, leaving only Germany and Austria to be allies, which was called the Dual Alliance. Austria did not want war with Russia, it was more to their advantage to keep the war contained as a local dispute with Serbia. However Russia began mobilization to support the Serbs. Austria alone could not hope to fight against Russia and had a pact with Germany in the event of a conflict with Russia. Germnay took the initiative and warned Russia that if they supported Serbia then Germany would support Austria and to ensure they their intentions were clear Germany declared war on Russia first on August 1st 1914. It wasn't until the 6th that Austria formally declared war on Russia,

Why did great Britain declare war after German troops marched into belgium?

The Treaty of London was signed by Austria, France, England, Prussia and Russia pledging to come to the aid of Belgium is it was attacked by another nation. Also, Belgium is too close to the English Channel and England did not want Germany to take control of it.

What event led to world war 2?

Germany's war reparation fees caused them to start WWII. More specifically, the US got into WWII due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the fact that they didn't want Nazi Germany ruling Europe.

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Why were the country US Britain France USSR chosen to control Germany during World War 2?

Germany was controlled by Germany during the war after Germany surrendered the allies which were US Britian USSR and France divided control of the country at the Potsdam Conference Aug. 1945 You might say that Germany was the spoils of war, "To the victors go the spoils". But there were no leaders there to take control the country was broke the industries had been bombed out someone had to take control and the US did not want Russia to have all of Germany, Russia did not want Britian to have complete control, US and Britian did not want France to have control Germany had too much resources to let just one country have it all so they divided it up.

Why did France Russia and Spain want to defeat Germany?

cuz Germany attacked them first

Why did Germany want Lenin to return to Russia in?

Germany saw a chance to weaken their enemy.

What was Joseph Stalin involvement with Germany after World War 2?

Stalin kept half of Germany. It became known as East Germany and was under Russia's communist rule until the early 1990s.That is why Stalin want control of European countries

Why did Pritain and Russia want control of Afghanistan in the 1800's?

Afganistan is the way from Russia to India.

Why did Britain and Russia want to control Iran?

Access to oil.

Why does Russia want to control central Asia?

Fossil Fuel.

What did Russia and China both want control of?

they wanted buttsex.

Why did Russia want to control Asia?

Russia is famous for big lands. When Japan started to become westernatized, the Russian felt that japan was their competition. Therefore, it motivated RUssia to control Asia.

Why did Germany want to take over Russia?

Hitler had a treaty with Russia before WWII, but when the time came to invade Poland they were afraid to be attacked by Russia for that so Germany broke the treaty and attacked Russia soon after...

What are Europe's five most populous countries?

Russia Germany France UK Italy Spain if you don't want to count Russia.

Which of these did Spain France and Germany each want to control?