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School systems must improve the quality of their duties; based upon the thousands of questions being asked...which are very basic. For one; the COLD WAR was not a War. It was simply an easy name to attach to "a military stand-off between two sets of nuclear armed nations that were waiting for an excuse to fire atomic missiles at one another." COLD WAR is alot easier to say and remember.

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Q: What people think about the cold war?
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What do you think will be the end of cold war?


How is cold war related to Democracy?

because people who fought the cold war hated democracy

Who were people born in the 1900s?

Think about it. We've got World War I and World War II in the 1900s. We've also got the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, etc. Lots of wars. Lot's of people. Perhaps you were born in the 1990s.

What was the most people to die in a war?

the cold war was a incanificant war there ever was.

Do people think Wisconsin is cold?

go to Wisconsin and find out. some people may think -20 degrees is cold while others may think 59 degrees is freezing cold

How did mutual distrust and misunderstanding fuel the orgins of the cold war?

they lead to a war i think

How many people where killed in Hungary during the cold war?

The cold war was cold because there were no battles, therefore no one was killed in combat.

Did any nukes fall in the cold war?

no cold war means that no bombs fell or killing hot war does mean death cold war people just hated each other.

Is World War I Cold War?

World War 1 was not a cold war because of all the people that died the only time that there has been a cold war was after world war 2 and that was before the Korean war happened i hope this helps

Did France take place in the Cold War?

I am sorry while as a Canadian it would be nice to think of France as an incident, it was not. ;) I think the question is did France take part in the cold war and did the cold war happen in France. Generally France is a NATO country and was actively involved in Opposing the USSR and its goals during the cold war. That would mean that there were incidents in France constituting that the cold war happened partially in France.

What event is recognized as the end of the cold war?

The opening of the Berlin Wall is felt by most people to be the end of the Cold War.

Can people read or hear what you think?

No, people cannot read or hear what you are thinking. Despite rumored Cold War era Soviet psychic trials, there is no proof of telepathic abilities.