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3.7 %The population of people who were alive in 1939 before the Second World War was 1,961,913,000 (2 billion) and the population who died during the War could be as high as 72,707,700 which is about 3.7% of the world's population.


25,160,000 military deaths

41,793,300 civilian deaths

5,754,400 Jewish Holocaust deaths



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If your talking about the global population then it's about 3.55%.

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Q: What percent of the global population died in world war 2?
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What percent died in World War 2?

If you mean about the global population than it's about 3.55% as the global population in 1939 was about 2 billion and aproximatly 71 million people were killed during ww2. 71 million/ 2 billion x 100% = 3.55%

What percent of earth's population died during World war 2?


What percent of America's population died in the civil war?

2 percent

What percent of Russia's population died in World War 2?

Not including USSR Occupied countries it's about, if you include the population of USSR Occupied countries then it's about 13.5%.

What percent of the US population died in the civil war?


What percent of people in the world died because they didn't know how to swim?

approximately 10 percent have died

One percent of the American population died during the American Revolution If the US were to lose one percent of its population today the death toll would be?

it would be 3115920

How many soldiers died during world war 2 all over the world?

Around 25 Million soldiers were killed during WW2. his was about 1.25% of the global population. Vst majoirty of those deaths were allied soldiers.

What percent of population died from yellow fever in philadelphia?

over 4 thousand people died from yellow fever

What percent of Europe died from the bubonic plague?

One third of the population died from the plague which was about 25 million persons.

What was the Global Spark of World War 1?

Well, the Global Spark of World War one was the sinking of the Lusitania. The British passenger ship held up to 1,200 passengers. 1,200 people died and 128 Americans died.

What percent of the world population died in World War 1?

Australian died: 60 000World casualties: 11,016,000 As the world population was approximate 1.8 billion, and the approximate CASUALTIES of WW1 (1914-1918, excluding those caused by the Spanish Flu pandemic) are around 35 million total, this would mean about a 2% rate.