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There were many Civil War battles in the Confederate State of Mississippi. Here as with most military historians, a siege is considered a battle. Here are 5 of the many battles in Mississippi:

1. First battle of Vicksburg. Union admiral demanded the surrender of Vicksburg and was met by a Confederate gunboat and canon fire from the forts and sped into retreat.

2. Battle of Tripoli

3. Battle of Meridian

4. Battle of Champion Hill and

5. Battle of Port Gibson.

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Answer Vicksburg was the most famous. There were many other battles and important events in Mississippi; some were small but became very famous.

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Q: What place in Mississippi is the site of a famous civil war battle?
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1862 battle was the largest Civil War battle west of the Mississippi?

The Battle of Pea Ridge, also known as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, was the largest Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River in 1862. It took place in Arkansas and was a key Union victory that helped secure control of Missouri and the Mississippi River.

When was the first US Civil War Battle of Vicksburg Mississippi?

The first of several battles against Vicksburg, Mississippi took place in the Spring of 1862.

Who won the US Civil War Battle of Iuka?

The US Civil War Battle of Iula was a victory for the Union. The battle took place on September 19, 1862 in Mississippi. Union General Rosecrans defeated Confederate General Price near this small town in Mississippi.

What was the name of the battle in the civil war that took place on an island?

Fort Sumter. Also in the Upper Mississippi, there was Island Number Ten.

How many civil war battles took place in Mississippi?

There were approximately 17 significant battles in the state of Mississippi in the Civil War. Nine of these were associated with the Battle & Siege of Vicksburg, and 8 more were scattered around the state. There were also a large number of smaller actions. The last significant battle in Mississippi was near Tupelo and Harrisburg and was a significant victory for the Union.

Where did the Vicksburg battle take place?

It took place in the vicinity of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

What are some famous events that took or take place in Maryland?

The Battle of Brandwine in the Revolutionary War.The Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.The Battle of Antietam in the US Civil War.

Decisive battle that gave the union forces control of the Mississippi river?

During the American Civil War, two battles in particular helped the Union gain control of the Mississippi River. The first took place in 1862 and culminated in the capture of New Orleans by Union forces. The second took place in 1863 and ended with the Union capture of Vicksburg (Mississippi).

What was the location of the US Civil War Battle of Vicksburg?

The campaign to sieze Vicksburg took place over a four state area around Vicksburg, Mississippi (Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi).

What war or battle took place in Mississippi?

The Vicksburg campaign.

What army won the US Civil War Battle of Tupelo?

The 1864 Battle of Tupelo was a Union victory. The battle took place on July 14th to the 15th in Mississippi. Union General A. J. Smith handed Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest his largest defeat.As an aside, Tupelo Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.

What war is descibed in the famous book. The red badge of courage?

The U S Civil War and takes place during an unnamed battle