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Q: What places in and around Dresden might the Allies have considered targets military significance?
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What places in and around dresden might the allies have considered targets of military significance?


What places in and around Dresden might the allies considered targets of military significance?


Which of these targets was completely destroyed in dresden?

Which of these targets was completely destroyed in autobahn

How does the military use math?

The military uses math to pinpiont their targets and locations of their enemies and armies.

Who attacked both military and non military targets during the Civil War?

probably both sides..............

Where did union forces focus their attacks?

military and civilian targets :3

How many people were killed in the fire raids on the cities in Japan and Germany?

Dresden (100,000+) Tokyo (100,000+) These were devastating raids, in Tokyo the city was built of wood and the incendiaries obliterated the city. Dresden was bombed by the British and the bombing is considered controversial because many consider it retaliation for the German bombings of England. The German government estimates the total number of German civilians killed in air raids at about 595,000. The figure given above for Dresden is far too high. Scholarly studies for a long time put the figure for Dresden at about 35,000. Since German reunfication in 1990 much of the centre of Dresden has been rebuilt and the human remains recovered, together with other evidence, point to a figure of 25,000-30,000, probably towards the upper end of this range. The raid on Dresden is controverial because it served no discernable military purpose at all. It's not fruitful or even possible to divide air raids on civilian targets into 'fire raids' and other raids.

Are tokens considered cards or monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?

They are both. They are considered monsters for anything that targets or counts monsters, and they are considered cards for anything that targets or counts cards on the field (Secret Barrel).

Who in March 1999 NATO air strike against who in Yugoslavia?

military targets

Were there any other Japanese military places where America could have dropped the bomb?

The targets chosen were not military targets. In fact, strictly military targets were not chosen because of the possibility of missing a small military target not surrounded by a large urban area. The targets available to General Carl Spaatz were all cities with large civilian populations. Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata and Nagasaki were the final choices for dropping the atomic bomb. All of which are large cities that were of reasonable military value. The debate comes in on whether the United States should have dropped the atomic bomb on a strictly military site and avoided the monstrous amount of civilian casualties.

What was the US policy of bombing during World War 2?

All military targets.

Can military fighter aircrafts attack?

Yes. They can attack air, ground and sea targets.

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