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To be honest, they were not policies. The two things pretty much leading to the Holocaust was:

#1. Loss of World War 1

#2. Germany's Economic Depression


No, these were factors that helped the Nazis to be elected, but in no way can they be considered as factors leading to the Holocaust.

The kind of things that you are looking for are;

the laws that restricted the Jews from working - this made them poorer and turned other Germans against them as they became 'useless eaters'.

the use of sterilisation against the mentally ill (including habitual criminals and anti-socials).

the use of poison gas to kill the disabled - this method (and equipment) was used to start the mass gassing of the Jews.

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The Nuremberg Laws.

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Q: What policies led to the Holocaust?
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What economic aspects led up to the Holocaust?

The motivation for the holocaust was ideological, not economic.

What is a statement with the word anti-semitism that has to do with the holocaust?

Antisemitism was one of the factors which led to the Holocaust.

Who led the Nazis during the Holocaust?


What is Amelia Bloomer famous for?

She led the holocaust

What belief led to the holocaust?

Hating jews.

What events led to the beginning of the Holocaust in 1933?

the election of Hitler.

How does prejudice relate to the Holocaust?

Prejudice affected Jews during the Holocaust because even before the Holocaust it was all around the and during the Holocaust because the Nazi's and the SS enforced it heavily. Non-Jews were affected by it because it made them look at it with a whole new perspective.

Who were the leaders and people who led the Holocaust?

The people who perpetrated the Holocaust were primarily the Germans, though they were assisted by many others. Their leader was Adolf Hitler.

What were the results of Nazi anti-semitic policies?

The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.

List three of the policies or events that resulted in the Holocaust?

Ghettoisation, the invasion of the Soviet Union and the Winter of 1941.

Repressive czarist policies led to?

Repressive Czarist policies lead to stability and order, but discontent about loss of freedom.

What policies led to renewed antiwar protest?

Military conscription.