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no qualities.

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He was reliable, caring and fearless

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Q: What qualities does lim bo seng have?
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Qualities of lim bo seng?

His qualities are:1)Reliable2)Caring3)Fearless

What was Lim Bo Seng's Hobby?

The hobbies of Lim Bo Seng are not known. Lim Bo Seng is most known for being a resistance fighter.

The qualities shown by lim bo seng?

He is a man.He is smart enough to become a strong person

When did Lim Bo Seng die?


What are facts about Singapore war hero Lim Bo Seng?

Lim Bo Seng would leave the base to obtain food and medicine for his man

What is lim bo seng's children's names?

lim hing kiang

What is Lim Bo Seng's hobbies?

To protect the country.

Where did lim bo seng die?

in Singapore lah!

Is Lim bo seng courageous?

yes, of course!

When did lim bo seng born?

On 27 April 1909

Who is lai teck?

He is the one who betrayed lim bo seng

Who betrayed Lim Bo Seng?

Lim Bo Seng was arrested by the Japanese, possibly betrayed by Lai Teck, the M.C.P. Secretary-General who was a double agent working for the Japanese too.