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He was a Lieutenant

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Q: What rank was Otto Frank in the German army?
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What was Hitlers rank in the German army during WW2?

Heer (German Army) = Waffen SS = British EquivalentGemeiner(Landser) = Schütze = PrivateOberschützeGrenadier = Sturmmann = Lance CorporalObergrenadierGefreiter = Rottenführer = CorporalObergefreiter = UnterscharführerStabsgefreiterUnteroffizier = Scharführer = SergeantUnterfeldwebel = Oberscharführer = Colour SergeantFeldwebelOberfeldwebel = Hauptscharführer Sergeant MajorStabsfeldwebel = HauptbereitschaftsleiterSturmscharführer = Warrant OfficerOfficersLeutnant = Untersturmführer = Second LieutenantOberleutnant = Obersturmführer = First LieutenantHauptmann = Hauptsturmführer = CaptainMajor = Sturmbannführer MajorOberstleutnant = Obersturmbannführer = Lieutenant ColonelOberst = Standartenführer = ColonelOberführer BrigadierGeneralmajor = Brigadeführer = Major GeneralGeneralleutnant = Gruppenführer = Lieutenant GeneralGeneral = Obergruppenführer = GeneralGeneraloberst = OberstgruppenführerGeneralfeldmarschall = Riechsführer-SS = Field Marshal

What does a corporal do in war?

A corporal is a rank in the army

How much does a army genaral make?

It would depend on which army you mean and the precise rank.

What rank in army above colonel UK?


How many people were killed by Rudolph Hess in World War 2?

Rudolf Hess was 20yrs of age when he joined the German Army he was injured twice and killed at least 1,200 enemies in the time it took him to reach his rank of Leiutenant before he became a German Pilot.

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Who was Otto Rank?

Otto Rank was an Austrian psychoanalyst, writer, teacher and therapist.

What is Otto Rank's birthday?

Otto Rank was born on April 22, 1884.

When was Otto Rank born?

Otto Rank was born on April 22, 1884.

How old was Otto Rank at death?

Otto Rank died on October 31, 1939 at the age of 55.

What has the author Otto Rank written?

Otto Rank has written: 'Will therapy' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Neuroses

Was there a German army rank feldmeister?

No, not in the army. But the Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD had the rank Feldmeister. Before Nazi times some Scout groups called leaders Feldmeister. Befor 1900 it was used as a different term. But never as a military rank.

What did Hiltler do during the first world war?

He served in the German army. Got to the rank of corporal.

How did Hitler begin his military career?

He enlisted in the German army in WW1 and got to the rank of corporal.

What rank was Adolf Hitler in the German army during World War 2?

He was the Chancellor of Germany,

How old is Otto Rank?

Otto Rank was born on April 22, 1884 and died on October 31, 1939. Otto Rank would have been 55 years old at the time of death or 131 years old today.

What was the highest rank Adolf Hitler earned in the German army?

Adolf Shiklgruber attained the rank of corporal in the German army. Much later, he took the name Adolf Hitler, and became Chancellor of Germany, and later, Commander-in-Chief of the German military forces.

Is Commander a rank in the army?

No, there is no rank of commander in the Army. In the Army commander is a title, not a rank. In the Navy, there is a rank of Commander, it is the equivalent of Lt Colonel or O-5.