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They had the same as the rest of free Europe, as they were part of it.

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Q: What resources did West Germany have during the time of the cold war?
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What two countries constituted Germany during the Cold War?

West Germany and East Germany.

Was east or West Germany free?

during the cold war, EG (East Germany) was communist while WG (West Germany) was captialist

What is the difference about Germany during the cold war?

During the Cold War, the nation of Germany was partitioned into two nations, which were West Germany, which was allied with NATO, and East Germany, which was a member of the Warsaw Pact.

Who's side was Germany on during the Cold War?

Germany was split in half; Communist East Germany and Free West Germany.

What country as divided between East and West during the Cold War Era?


What country was divided between east and west during the cold war era?


What was East Germany like during the cold war?

Uuuummmmmmmmmmm.......It suffered it think........ and I think that west Germany was good and had better economy.

What countries in Europe during the cold war were pro-western?

west germany, England, France, Denmark, Luxemburg, Saarland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, and Portugal are a few examples.

What was built during the cold war to keep people from escaping?

The Berlin Wall separating Communist East Germany and Democratic West Germany.

Was East Germany a communist country in the cold war?

Yes. East Germany was separated from West Germany by the Berlin Wall during the era of communism there. East Germany was part of the Soviet Communist Bloc and West Germany was the non-communist portion.

What were the two germanies after the war?

east Germany and west Germany... they were separated by the Berlin wall during the cold war in the 50's to about the 90's

During the Cold War which nation and city best signified the divisions between East and West?

Germany & Berlin