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Q: What riffle did the Germans use in World War 1?
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Who requested better pens for the use in world war 2?


What did the Germans use to make sauerkraut in world war 1?


What new weapon did the Germans use in World War 1?

The Thundergun.

How did Sweden helpthe Germans during World War 2?

By letting the Germans use the rail road system.

Why did Germans not use magnetic shields 1914-18 world war?

They were not necessary.

Did Germans use mp30s in World War 2?

No MP38, MP40, MP44

Did the Germans use the yellow star in Denmark during World War 2?


Which world war was biggest?

World War 2 of course, it was the first to use nuclear weapons and the only War which France was conquered by the Germans completely.

Did the Germans use scorched earth during world war 2?

Yes, in Russia.

What country was the first one to use poison gas in World War 1?

the Germans :)

What did the Germans use to prevent goods from reaching Britain in World War 1?

. Submarines

How do you use the word riffle in a sentence?

The riffle swept my fishing rod away.