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Q: What river was Fort Henry located on?
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Fort Henry was located on the?

Tennessee River :)

Where was Fort Henry located on?

The Tennessee River

Where was fort Henry located?

The Tennessee River

Where did fort donelson take place?

Fort Donnellson was located on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. It was located 10 miles from Fort Henry. The fort was surrendered to Northern forces in 1862.

Is Fort Henry located on Tenneessee River?

Yes. The battle liberated this important waterway.

Where is fort henry located?

On the right bank of the Tennessee River, just across the State Line in Tennessee.

Why was fort Henry fought?

Grant attacked and captured Fort Henry to gain the control of the River Tennessee.

Where is fort Henry?

In Tennessee on the Tennessee River

Where is fort Nassau located?

fort nassau is located somewhere on the berbice river in Guyana

Where was the battle of fort Henry fought?

The Battle of Fort Henry was fought in Western Tennessee on the right bank of the River Cumberland on February 6, 1862.

Was fort Henry in tenneessee?

Yes, a river-port on the Tennessee River, which both sides were competing to use.

Was Fort Henry considered a Confederate victory?

No. Fort Henry was a Union victory - a badly-sited river-post that was half under-water, and soon abandoned by the Confederates, who decamped to Fort Donelson.