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He photographed Union soldiers and the president.

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Q: What side was Matthew Brady on the civil war?
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Civil war photographer?

Matthew Brady

What war was it that Matthew Brady got lost for 3 days?

civil war

Who was the photographer derin the civil war?

most famous was Matthew Brady

Why did Matthew Brady decided to take a picture of the civil war?

for the newspapers

What photographer documented the American civil war?

Matthew Brady and his associates were the main photographers of the American Civil War.

Why is Matthew brady important?

Matthew Brady is important because he was the first to undertake the photographic documentation of the American Civil War. He is considered the father of photojournalism.

Who was widely credited for making the civil war visually documented?

Matthew Brady, the photographer

How many Civil War photographs are there?

The teams led by Matthew Brady alone took over 100,000 photographs during the American Civil War.

When was the famous US Civil War photographer Matthew Brady born?

Matthew B. Brady gained fame as a photographer due to his photographic "history" of many key events and battles of the US Civil War. He was a Northerner and the Union's public were able to see the horrible tragedies of that war via the pictures Brady sent to Northern newspapers and magazines. Brady was born in 1823 and died in 1896.

Who was the journalist provided graphic news images of the civil war?

Mathew Brady was a photographer and journalist known for providing graphic images of the American Civil War. He is especially recognized for his photographs of the conflict and their impact on society's understanding of war.

Where did Matthew Brady do his work?

Matthew B. Brady was a photographer. He is best known for his documentation of the Civil War. He is given credit for the creation of photo journalism. Matthew Brady was also a notorious Australian bushranger, active in Tasmania. He was known as the "gentleman bushranger" because, when robbing his victims, he managed to do so with surprisingly good manners.

What effect did the end of the Civil War have on Matthew Brady's personal finances?

He was the most celebrated photographer in the United States and for a time enjoyed prosperity.