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The American Civil War was in fact caused by a variety of factors; however, the single-most important cause of the conflict was the "states' rights" issue of slave-holding. Does each state have the right to determine for itself whether slavery shall be allowed, protected, perhaps even promoted? Or does the institution of slavery raise a question that cannot be answered by an individual state's legislative and executive powers alone?

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Q: What states right conflict sparked the civil war?
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What war resulted from the conflict between the states and federal government over states right?

civil war

How did Emmett Till change the civil right movement?

Emmett Till's brutal murder in 1955 galvanized the Civil Rights Movement by shedding light on the violence and injustice faced by African Americans in the South. His death sparked outrage and mobilized many to take action, becoming a catalyst for the push for racial equality and civil rights reforms in the United States.

What During the Civil War what was the position of the southern states about slavery?

They felt it was the states right.

During the civil war what was the position of the southern states about slavery?

They felt it was the states right.

Why does the law place restrictions on our civil rights?

The most controversial issues are those that involve rights in conflict. For example, the right to profit from one's property vs. the right to clean air and water or the right of an unborn child to life vs. the right of women to control their bodies. The government places restrictions on civil rights when the actions of one person may conflict with the rights of another.

Did the south have the right to succeed?

According to Lincoln they didn’t have the right. The civil war was a States rights issue.

What men helped abolish slavery?

Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union, or the northern united states, during the civil war. The civil war was the conflict that led to the abolishment of slavery. However, the war was more about preventing states from having the right to secede than to abolish slavery. Lincoln banned slavery in order to cripple the southern economy, making a union victory easier.

Did the slave states of the south have the right to leave the union and create the confederate states of America?

The Civil War was fought to establish that point.

Why is period right after the civil war called the reconstruction?

because the states are reconstructing their structures at that time

What did the Union establish during the Civil War?

The Union established that states do not have the right to secede from the Union.

What are the states' right in the civil war?

to stop Georges Washington's laws on the poke union.

Which states during the Civil War in the United States of America were Northern free states in 1860?

none unless I'm wrong but i think I'm right