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The allies unified strategy for winning the war was the commitment of the entire human and economic resources from all countries. Everyone had to be willing to give 100 percent.

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Since there had NEVER been a naval battle fought with aircraft carriers, if there were any victories...they were won by luck. Airmen from both sides had a devil of a time trying to find warships to attack; then they had a heck of time trying to sink them. Allied victory? It was a strategic allied victory in that the IJN aborted their mission. But it was a IJN tactical victory in that they sunk more allied warships; the USN fleet carrier USS Lexington, destroyer USS Sims, and the one oiler.

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Well, it depends on which war you are talking about.

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I believe this strategy was "Island Hopping" But i'm not completely sure.

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Q: What strategy helped the allied forces?
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Allied strategy battle of the bulge?

The Allied Forces did not have a strategy until after they were attacked because the Generals did not believe there was a major offensive going on in the Ardennes. This was to their peril. Since I am not a military strategist and do not know the military lingo I am sending you to some links to help you understand how the Germans and the Allied Forces fought the battle.

How did American entry into World War 1 affect German strategy?

They were confident they could outlast the AlliEd forces

Who did the blitzkrieg involve?

Blitzkrieg was a military attack strategy designed by the Nazi Germans. The Allied Forces adapted this method too.

Who was the allied forces in d-day?

The allied forces in D-day was the Americans who took Utah and Omaha beach, the British who took Gold and Sword beach and Canada who took Juno beach and helped with Gold and Sword beach.

How did people of Denmark become free of the World War 2?

Denmark was freed when the Allied Forces defeated the Nazi Germans. The Danish Resistance helped the Allied Forces to defeat the Nazis and boot them out of their country. See Related Links Below.

When was Allied Forces - album - created?

Allied Forces - album - was created in 1981-04.

What year did the US joined the allied forces?

Dec 8,1941, after Japan attacked the US. But we pretty much helped them all along.

Who did US help during world war 2?

The US helped the allied forces (Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and France)

Who were the allied forces against Germany?

The allied forces were Britain, USA, and USSR for the most part.

What was the two-front allied strategy used to defeat Hitler?

"Europe First" strategy

How did the development of new technology affect world war 2?

RADAR and many other new technologies helped to defeat the Japanese and Germans because they did not have as sophisticated equipment of the same items as the Allied Forces had. The Atomic Bomb technology caused the Allied Forces to win in the Pacific.

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