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I was wondering if you could answer: What symbol would you use for a port city. If you answer it i will thank you so muchI was wondering if you could answer: What symbol would you use for a port city. If you answer it i will thank you so much

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Q: What symbol would you use for a port city?
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Why did the Germans not believe you would invade Normandy?

The Germans knew that the Allies were going to invade at some time. The difficulty was in determining WHERE they were going to make their landing. The coastline of France was very large which made it difficult to defend. Through use of deception by the Allies, the German high command was convinced that the best location for the landing was Pas-de-Calias, which was the best port city that was shortest distance from England. A few years earlier, England launched a raiding force that landed in Dieppe, which was defeated. The concept then was that the landing force had to immediately capture a port city so that supplies could be brought in to support the attacking troops. However, Normandy was no where near a city port. They landed in a wide-open beach and they brought their own docks. Then their plan was to spread out and capture the port cities at Cherbourg and others along the coast. This did not fit into the German's theory that the Allies would have to land very close to a port city.

What is the pickney treaty?

America talked to Spain and it was established that America could use the Mississippi to ship goods and use New Orleans as a port.

What was the first city targeted for the use of the bomb?

hiroshima and then nagasaki

Why was the Nazi Swastika used?

The swastika became an offensive symbol because it was adopted by the Nazis as their symbol.______More specifically, the things the Nazis did ruined the symbol. The swastika was used for hundreds - if not thousands of years by followers of Hinduism as a symbol of luck and good fortune. It was also said to attract peace and light.

Why do veterans use poppys as their symbol?

the reason Veterans use poppies as their symbol is because when they were fighting the first and Second world war, they were surrounded by fields of poppies (red) so much blood and so much death amids all this beauty, so a man named John Mac Rae ( a Canadian) wrote a beautiful poem called " In Flanders Fields" well worth the read you will probably find the words in his Bio on google.

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sho port-security int fa0/6